Biosecurity Breach Alerts
Launching at World Pork Expo

June 3, 2024 – Omaha, Nebraska – Swine producers can now get biosecurity breach alerts for trucks and trailers. Launching at the World Pork Expo, Farm Health Guardian’s newest feature enables farm managers and veterinarians to verify biosecurity compliance and reduce the risk of disease spread between farms.

“Biosecurity breach alerts give our customers the ability to configure their own rules and get notifications if those requirements aren’t met,” says Kent Andersen, U.S. Business Development for Farm Health Guardian. “We know how busy our customers are and that they only want to know when their biosecurity protocols are breached, or to put it another way, ‘the dog should only bark when there’s a problem’.”

Research shows that trucks and other vehicles are a major contributor to the spread of many animal diseases. Research also shows that real-time feedback using technology leads to increased compliance and improved practices.

Farm Health Guardian software can be linked to an existing truck GPS system. For livestock trailers or vehicles that aren’t equipped with GPS, FHG passport devices can be easily installed. ‘Rules’ for trucks and trailers can be configured so that specific vehicles are assigned to a property group, property flow or visit order, or even if a truck wash is required prior to a visit. The customer determines who will be notified if the rules are breached.

“Breach alerts allow swine integrators to simplify their biosecurity management, reduce the risk of disease spread and strengthen transport biosecurity,” says Andersen. “We’re thrilled to offer this new feature that has already proven to be valuable for leading swine companies.”

Within the system, customers decide who gets notified, which properties are assigned to a particular rule, flow, or group, and which vehicles to include.

Biosecurity breach alerts is being showcased at the Farm Health Guardian booth V-104 at the World Pork Expo June 5 – 6, 2024.

About Farm Health Guardian

Farm Health Guardian is a biosecurity management technology to help farms and food companies improve animal health and protect against the devastating impact of animal disease.

The patented system controls barn entry using facial recognition technology and provides real-time alerts when people or trucks breach biosecurity protocols.

Launched in 2020 for the swine and poultry sectors, Farm Health Guardian technology is reducing the risk of disease spread and improving biosecurity compliance which saves time, reduces the cost of production and improves farm sustainability. Farm Health Guardian operates out of Guelph, Ontario and Omaha, Nebraska.

For more information, contact:

Rob Hannam

Kent Andersen