Farm Health Guardian Now Integrated with Motive GPS System

January 23, 2024 – Guelph, Ontario, Canada – Farm Health Guardian has added to its growing list of fleet management system integrations. Motive is the latest leading GPS system that Farm Health Guardian’s biosecurity software now links with to give customers easy access to real-time data that will help strengthen biosecurity.

“This latest addition of Motive to our GPS integrations provides more customers with access to valuable biosecurity data that will help protect their farms and their entire system,” says Anthony Novero, Farm Health Guardian CTO. “This provides an added layer of useful biosecurity data using the GPS system that many farms already have.”

Research shows that trucks and other vehicles are a major contributor to the spread of many animal diseases. When Farm Health Guardian integrates with a client’s existing GPS system, it helps to reduce the risk of spread by strengthening transport biosecurity.

Customers can get real-time alerts if biosecurity protocols are breached, validate adherence to downtime requirements and confirm truck wash visits. The integration also allows managers to check adherence to health pyramid flows or groups and receive notifications if a truck visits a farm outside of their assigned properties.

“This helps customers to simplify their biosecurity management and gives them easy access to the data they need to protect their farms,” says Adam Black, Farm Health Guardian Customer Success Representative. “It’s a convenient way to get more out of your GPS system. The link is in the background through API and once it’s set up, the data is at your fingertips.”

Movement data from multiple truck GPS systems can also be viewed on a single dashboard, increasing efficiencies, and allowing the animal health team to quickly determine which other properties are at risk if you suspect a disease outbreak at a farm.

About Farm Health Guardian

Farm Health Guardian is a biosecurity management technology to help farms and food companies improve animal health and protect against the devastating impact of animal disease.

The patented system controls barn entry using facial recognition technology and provides real-time alerts when people or trucks breach biosecurity protocols.

Launched in 2020 for the swine and poultry sectors, Farm Health Guardian technology is reducing the risk of disease spread and improving biosecurity compliance which saves time, reduces the cost of production and improves farm sustainability. Farm Health Guardian operates out of Guelph, Ontario and Omaha, Nebraska.

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