The Farm Visitor Logbook digitizes your visitor records in a confidential database, eliminating the inaccuracies of paper-based systems and allowing for instant access for audits or if disease traceback is needed.

How does a Farm Visitor Logbook work?

The Farm Health Guardian digital visitor logbook is installed at the entrance to the barn, or wherever visitors are required to sign in.

Tablets can be purchased at cost from Farm Health Guardian or from any other retailer.

Install the Farm Health Guardian app on the Android tablet or iPad.

Check-in questions can be included and customized to ensure visitors meet your biosecurity requirements.

Visitors entering the barn can fill out the information on the tablet that they would normally write in a paper-based visitor logbook.

What are the benefits of using a Farm Visitor Logbook?

You can use the digital logbook feature on its own, or as part of Farm Health Protect to centralize all movement data on your farm. Used with Farm Health Protect, your visitor records are combined with real-time people and vehicle movements into a cloud hosted, confidential database that enables rapid contact tracing for easy analysis.

As stand alone software or used in combination with Farm Health Protect, digital visitor logbooks add another layer of protection against disease.