Get Breach Alerts

Strengthen transport biosecurity with breach alerts for trucks and trailers.

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Prevent unauthorized access

Know exactly who and what is entering your barn.
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Check Biosecurity

Check biosecurity compliance

Verify that your team and contractors are following your biosecurity policies.
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Get Trace-out Reports

Get instant trace-out reports

Generate time-saving electronic reports as soon as an outbreak is suspected.
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Meet downtime requirements

Quickly check if a visit between two farm properties meets your downtime requirements.
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Integrate Multiple GPS Systems

Integrate multiple truck GPS systems

View movement data from multiple truck GPS systems in a single dashboard.
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Record Trailer Movement

Record trailer movement

Track movements of both trucks and trailers to improve transport biosecurity.
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Communicate Rapidly

Communicate rapidly with your whole network

Send messages to impacted employees and third parties to strengthen biosecurity if you suspect a disease outbreak.
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Digital Logbook

Digitize your visitor logbook

Replace paper visitor logbooks with a tablet to automate visit approvals and simplify outbreak investigations.
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Farm Health Guardian App

Receive disease alerts, check required downtime between properties and plan itineraries.
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