Farm Health Monitor is a digital animal health reporting system that improves communication between your animal health team to enable early disease detection and improve animal health. With fewer large animal veterinarians often needing to travel significant distances to farms, using Farm Health Monitor is a solution to the increasing challenge of early disease detection.

How does Farm Health Monitor work?

Animal health observations such as mortalities can be recorded and organized by pen, batch or barn.

record animal observations
reporting symptoms

All animal health symptoms, conditions and treatments are recorded in real-time and uploaded to a central health record immediately.

Instant notifications can be sent to the health team, and with all the necessary information in one place, timely and informed decisions can be made, speeding up any necessary diagnosis, treatments or quarantine protocols.

instant notifications

Centralize all livestock health records so they are available to everyone on your health team, like producers, vets and technical staff at any time.

Combining real-time digital animal health records with an instant communications tool streamlines treatments and speeds up disease detection.

What are the benefits of using Farm Health Monitor?