Digital Farm Visitor Logbook

Available on its own and in Farm Health Protect

Visitor logbooks are a part of most farm biosecurity programs and required by many on-farm assurance programs.

Paper-based visitor logbooks are often inaccurate or are not legible, which can add days in an animal disease trace-out. That’s where digital visitor logbooks can help. With a tablet installed at the farm entrance or by using the app, Farm Health Guardian can digitize your visitor logbook, eliminating messy paper records that may be hard to read or even missing information.

With either the Farm Health Guardian app or visitor logbook, visitors and employees can be asked ‘check-in’ questions to confirm they are meeting biosecurity requirements before entering a facility. Check in questions can be related to farm last visited, downtime between farm visits, purpose of visit, out of country travel, and more. If visitors or employees do not meet requirements, entry will be denied by the system. You can choose to easily override any denial to allow entry.

Advantages of digital visitor logbook over paper-based records:

  • Check-in questions customized to your operation
  • Changes are automatically updated to all of your barn locations
  • More easily prepare for audits
  • Quickly provide visitor information to veterinarians in an outbreak
  • Records are updated in a secure central database

You can use the digital logbook feature on its own, or as part of Farm Health Protect to centralize all movement data on your farm. Used with Farm Health Protect, your visitor records are combined with real-time people and vehicle movements into a cloud hosted, confidential database that enables rapid contact tracing for easy analysis.

As a stand alone feature or used in combination with Farm Health Protect, digital visitor logbooks add another layer of protection against disease.

Digital Logbook