Farm Health Protect is a biosecurity management system that records the movement of trucks and people on and off farm properties for rapid contact tracing in the event of a disease outbreak.

Enhance biosecurity across your entire operation

Know who and what is on your farm by adding Farm Health Protect to your biosecurity system. This smart biosecurity management system will enhance your farm’s disease prevention with electronic logbooks, digitized downtime charts, movement reports and mapping.

Reduce the risk of disease transmission with real-time digital recording of all movement in and out of your farm property and instant communications to stop the spread of disease. Farm Health Protect makes it easy to regulate farm reporting and audits with automatic data collection.

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Farm Health Protect in Action

Farm Health Protect is a smart biosecurity management system that simplifies protocols and validates compliance.

By creating a virtual perimeter around your farm or barn, the system can automatically record the movement of vehicles and people on and off farm properties.

Combine real-time truck, people and visitor records into a centralized, confidential database that enables rapid contact tracing for easy analysis. Generate time-saving electronic trace-out reports and maps to respond to disease outbreaks.

Using the Farm Health Guardian patented features, you can communicate instantly with those who are at risk, instantly generating control entry notifications for employees, contractors and other farm visitors.

Farm Health Protect can help lower your cost of production by

We’re serious about security and privacy. Farm Health Guardian only records movement in and out of farm properties that are using the system – that’s it. Any information collected through the Farm Health Guardian system is only used for contact tracing and monitoring disease transmission in response to potential disease outbreaks. Using the Farm Health Guardian app means you are playing an important role by protecting the health of your livestock or poultry operation. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

Farm Health Guardian Passports

Record farm visits of livestock trailers and other vehicles using Farm Health Guardian passport devices. These GPS devices can automatically record visits and vehicle movement on and off farm properties so that you can monitor biosecurity compliance.