Farm Health Protect is a biosecurity management system that confidentially records the movement of trucks and people on and off farm properties to help farms and food companies to monitor and improve biosecurity. When an animal disease outbreak is suspected, the system can generate trace-out reports and send notifications to reduce risk of transmission.

How does Farm Health Protect work?

We create geofences – or virtual perimeters – around farm properties, feed mills, truck wash, etc. to automatically record visits when vehicles and people enter or exit. Built with a strong privacy protection, Farm Health Protect doesn’t track any other movements.

Farm Health Protect can be linked to an existing GPS system. For livestock trailers or vehicles that aren’t equipped with GPS, our GPS devices are easily installed on any vehicle.

You’ll be able to compare actual vs. planned routes, check adherence to downtime requirements and receive breach alerts if a truck or trailer does not stay within it’s assigned flow or group of properties.

Farm Health Protect also confidentially records visits from people through the Farm Health Guardian app or digital visitor logbook at the barn entrance on arrival.

If disease is suspected, the veterinarian or animal health manager can generate a trace-back or trace-out report listing the properties, vehicles and people who had contact with the index farm.

A control zone of any size or shape can be drawn around the index property and a list of properties inside of the zone can be generated.

Use the in-app messaging feature to send alerts to heighten biosecurity or about areas to avoid.

Customers can easily opt for text notifications to be alerted when a vehicle has arrived on the farm, without the need to download the Farm Health Guardian app.

What are the benefits of using Farm Health Protect?

We’re serious about security and privacy. Farm Health Guardian only records movement in and out of farm properties that are using the system – that’s it. Any information collected through the Farm Health Guardian system is only used for contact tracing and monitoring disease transmission in response to potential disease outbreaks. Using the Farm Health Guardian app means you are playing an important role by protecting the health of your livestock or poultry operation. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.