Animal Disease Trace-outs

Speed matters in an outbreak. A faster outbreak response will reduce disease transmission. The faster you identify a disease and where it might have moved, the better chance you have to stop the spread. The figures below illustrate the dramatic impact of stopping disease at even one node of transmission.1

Disease spread with no intervention

Stopping disease spread at even one or two nodes will prevent transmission to multiple other sites.

A mathematical modeling study using real animal movement data showed that contact tracing was the best intervention for disease control. Contact tracing resulted in 95% disease control, outperforming all the other strategies used in the model.2

Generating trace-outs with real-time data is crucial for faster response times to reduce disease transmission and minimize negative impacts. Farm Health Protect combines real-time truck, people and visitor records into a cloud hosted, secure database that enables rapid animal disease trace-outs for easy analysis.

In the event of a suspect outbreak, the veterinarian or animal health manager can generate an animal disease trace-out report listing the properties, vehicles and people who had primary and secondary contact with the index farm.

Generate digital animal disease trace-out reports and maps to respond to disease outbreaks in real time as soon as an outbreak is suspected.

1Dr. Bruce McNab, Animal Health & Welfare Branch, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs

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