Quick and efficient disease containment within your production network is critical to the safety and sustainability of your business. Farm Health Guardian’s proven technology helps you to achieve these objectives.

Stop disease spread in minutes

Farm Health Guardian is a complete disease spread mitigation platform that uses technology to accurately track and record all movement in and out of production network properties in real time, controlling entry based on company protocols and, within minutes, sending disease alerts to those who are at risk.

Track. Trace. Protect.

Farm Health Guardian is a proven, patented track and trace system that accurately and efficiently tracks and manages disease spread within minutes of first clinical signs to protect your livestock production network and the entire agriculture industry.

The benefits of using Farm Health Guardian:

  • Controlled entry
    Immediately identify and deny access for visitors not meeting company protocols.
  • Instantaneous trace outs
    Generate disease outbreak reports that are prioritized based on level of risk.
  • Immediate alerts
    Notifications, such as lockdown alerts and health status updates, sent to everyone who may be affected.
  • Loss prevention
    Mitigating disease spread will save significant losses, protecting the sustainability of your business as well as the industry.


Avian influenza could cost the Canadian poultry industry more than $600 million in the province of British Columbia alone. #avianflu #avianinfluenza #poultry

Ensuring the health of the livestock and poultry industry through technology. After 7 years of research and development, we have finally arrived.
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