Farm Health Guardian is a proven farm biosecurity software system that protects against diseases like PRRS (Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive Syndrome) on pig farms and avian influenza (bird flu) on poultry farms. Farm Health Guardian is a management tool for farmers and food companies to improve biosecurity and disease prevention, saving time and reducing costs.

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Why choose Farm Health Guardian?

Strengthen biosecurity. Stop the spread of animal diseases.

Get Trace-out Reports

Get instant trace-out reports

Generate time-saving electronic reports as soon as an outbreak is suspected.

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Check Biosecurity

Check biosecurity compliance

Verify that your team and contractors are following your biosecurity policies.

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Meet downtime requirements

Quickly check if a visit between two farm properties meets your downtime requirements.

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Prevent unauthorized access

Know exactly who and what is entering your barn.

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Integrate Multiple GPS Systems

Integrate multiple truck GPS systems

View movement data from multiple truck GPS systems in a single dashboard.

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Record Trailer Movement

Record trailer movement

Track movements of both trucks and trailers to improve transport biosecurity.

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Communicate Rapidly

Communicate rapidly with your whole network

Send messages to impacted employees and third parties to strengthen biosecurity if you suspect a disease outbreak.

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Farm Health Guardian App

Receive disease alerts, check required downtime between properties and plan itineraries.

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Digital Logbook

Digitize your visitor logbook

Replace paper visitor logbooks with a tablet to automate visit approvals and simplify outbreak investigations.

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What our customers are saying about us

Implementing Farm Health Guardian as our digital biosecurity program automated our downtime charts and moved our visitor logbooks to a new, electronic version that is available to all farm employees and farm visitors. The platform has streamlined our communications across the organization through in-app alert messaging on the Farm Health Guardian system. Farm Health Guardian also enabled us to be able to immediately generate automated trace out reports.

– LeeAnn Peters Director, Technical Services at Maple Leaf Foods Inc.