Farm Health Guardian is your partner in disease prevention and outbreak preparedness for livestock and poultry operations.

Improve the visibility of your farm operation and production system while reducing the risk of disease transfer with Farm Health Guardian.

Farm Health Guardian is a proven biosecurity software platform that helps you and your employees protect the health of your livestock and poultry, saving you time and money.

Boost your Biosecurity

Take Action and Stop the Spread of Foreign Animal Diseases

Foreign animal diseases, including African Swine Fever, can be transmitted by the movement of animals, people and trucks. Farm Health Guardian can heighten your biosecurity with electronic check-ins, digitized logbooks, instant alerts and messaging and generating outbreak reports in minutes.

Why choose Farm Health Guardian?

Saving you money

Improving animal health and biosecurity on your farm will reduce the cost of production. Farm Health Guardian is proven to increase operational efficiencies by automating and streamlining biosecurity protocols.

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Enhance biosecurity across your entire operation

Adding Farm Health Guardian to your biosecurity system will enhance your farm’s disease prevention by simplifying and improving electronic visitor logbooks, digitizing downtime charts and generating detailed reports.

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Protecting your privacy

The only information recorded on the system is the time and date a visitor moves in and out of a farm property. The information is kept confidential and only used for contact tracing in the event of a disease outbreak. Using the Farm Health Guardian app means you are playing an important role by protecting the health of your livestock or poultry operation.

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Transform communications

Alert messages can be deployed in several ways to anyone at risk within your farm’s network. The in-app messaging tool offers lock-down alerts to stop the spread of disease or outbreak in minutes.

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Quick and easy setup

Complete system support from our technical team, including set up and loading all farm property locations within 48 hours of startup.

User training videos and quick reference materials are also provided, making it easy to use and implement for everyone, especially employees and contractors.

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