Controlled entry is a cornerstone of all biosecurity programs and many experts say that humans are a main cause of spread of both endemic and trans-boundary diseases. Whether you are worried about PRRS and PED or Avian Influenza and ILT, controlled entry is crucial.

Protect against biosecurity risks in real-time. Protocol® is a revolutionary biosecurity management system that includes facial recognition to simplify and automate your controlled entry.

With Protocol®, there is never a question of who is entering your barn or if they have met your biosecurity requirements. All company biosecurity policies can be configured and automatically managed, including downtime requirements, farm health status and previous visits. Protocol® protects your livestock and poultry against biosecurity risks in real-time.

Fumigation rooms can also be controlled to limit access to authorized employees and so that supplies have met downtime and disinfecting requirements before coming into the barn. Time and temperature can be monitored to ensure that supplies leaving the fumigation room are biosecure.

Advantages of using Protocol®:

Take control of your controlled entry.

Simplify and automate your controlled entry with Protocol®. To learn more, download our infosheet.