Disease Risk Alerts

Available in Farm Health Protect and Farm Health FastMaps

Speed matters when a disease is suspected on a farm. Heightened biosecurity measures need to be quickly communicated to limit the risk of spread between farms. Farm Health Protect disease risk alerts feature is an instant messaging tool designed for production networks and integrators to reduce the risk of disease spread in real time. Disease risk alerts can also be used with Farm Health FastMaps.

For production networks or integrators, disease risk alerts allow the group manager to send messages to recipients that have been identified on a trace-out report. Messages can be sent to property users (owners, managers, employees), property visitors (contractors and third parties) as well as contacts for trucks and trailers. The message itself can include health status changes, instructions for longer downtime requirement or notifications to lockdown or limit movement into a property.

For producer organizations and governments, the integrated messaging feature can be used to send disease risk alerts to members or farmers who are located inside the zone or to all of their members or industry stakeholders.

Customers can easily opt for text notifications to be alerted when a vehicle has arrived on the farm, without the need to download the Farm Health Guardian app.

Communicate Rapidly