Downtime Planning

Available in Farm Health Protect

Downtime is an important element in the biosecurity toolbox. Farm Health Protect makes downtime planning and verification easy, automatically updating herd or flock health status and downtime requirements in real time.

Farm Health Protect offers two different visit planning tools to improve downtime compliance and increase efficiency – the Look-up tool and the Planner.

  • Look-up tool: provides the ability to check the required downtime between any two properties. Simply enter the properties you want to visit and whether you will be entering the RAZ or the CAZ. The example on the right shows that one night downtime is required.
  • Planner: allows you to plan the most efficient sequence for visiting multiple properties, minimizing the number of days required to go to all the farms you need to while meeting all prescribed downtime. By entering the date of your first visit and all the properties you plan to visit, the tool provides the route with the least amount of downtime between properties. The example below shows the most efficient route between four properties.

You can also visualize the best route on a map, as shown in the example below.

These tools simplify a complex task for employees of large production networks who own many farms at various stages of production and with different health statuses.

Meeting downtime requirements and visit planning with Farm Health Protect saves time, money and strengthens biosecurity.

Look-up tool