Farm Health Guardian Announces New Strategic Partnership with Synthesis Agri-Food Network

Farm Health Guardian

November 12, 2020 – Guelph, Ontario, Canada: On the heels of the recent launch of the company’s industry-leading disease mitigation technology for pork and poultry production, Farm Health Guardian has announced a new strategic partnership with the Synthesis Agri-Food Network.

Rob Hannam, President of Synthesis Agri-Food Network, brings a wealth of insights and expertise that includes a lifelong career in consulting, marketing and agricultural communications. For the past decade Hannam has specialized within the agriculture and food sector, working with countless organizations, trade associations, agri-businesses and food companies.

“Rob and his respected team at Synthesis bring the perfect complement of agricultural communications and business expertise,” says Farm Health Guardian Founder and CEO, Tim Nelson. “To this point, Farm Health Guardian has been brought to life through research, development and science. With the addition of the specialized skillset of the Synthesis group, Farm Health Guardian will realize its critical role in livestock and poultry production in safeguarding our industry and ensuring animal health and producer viability worldwide.”

For Hannam, the interest to partner with Nelson and Farm Health Guardian is a practical next step to the evolution of Synthesis and playing a larger role in bringing advancements to the agricultural industry, through a reliable solution to a critical and immediate need in livestock and poultry production.

“It all comes down to prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. It’s clear from the thousands of hours of research the Synthesis team has invested into this particular issue, that there are gaps in animal health emergency response. We need better response systems to help farmers, producers and ranchers manage risk and improve preparedness. The Farm Health Guardian disease mitigation platform is that system and I am proud to be able to play a role in advancing the industry through this technology.”

With the recent onset of Covid-19 proving the benefits of track and trace technology and monitoring as an effective disease control measure, the introduction of Farm Health Guardian has come at a time of elevated awareness and understanding of the need for best practices in biosecurity.

“If there is one lesson that we have learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, it is that the time is now to implement a proven and reliable system that mitigates disease outbreaks quickly and effectively. The health of the industry and those who work within it depend upon it,” says Hannam.

Media Contact:
Laura Laing