Farm Health Guardian expands team to support advancing on-farm biosecurity

May 20, 2021 – Guelph, Ontario, Canada: Farm Health Guardian welcomes two new Canadian team members to support the company’s growth and expansion. Lorraine Stevenson-Hall has been appointed the role of Biosecurity and Stakeholder Relations Lead and Alicia Boakes the position of Customer Support Coordinator. Both roles are integral to supporting the domestic and international growth of the patented Farm Health Guardian biosecurity software platform, the leading real-time disease prevention platform.

“Lorraine and Alicia bring extensive experience in livestock and poultry health and disease management. We’re proud to add such expertise to our growing business to support clients as they enhance their own biosecurity protocols and systems using Farm Health Guardian,” says Tim Nelson, President and CEO, Be Seen Be Safe Ltd. Farm Health Guardian launched in October 2020 in North America, Europe and the United Kingdom, and is a product of Be Seen Be Safe Ltd.

As the team lead on biosecurity and stakeholder relations, Lorraine brings 20 years of experience in the agri-food sector to her Farm Health Guardian role. She has managed biosecurity and traceability initiatives for provincial and national commodity associations and is responsible for ensuring clients have access to the latest biosecurity information, trends and protocols. Lorraine also manages related projects and stakeholder organization relationships.

Alicia will work with Farm Health Guardian customers as a front line connection to ensure the software system meets their needs to keep their livestock and poultry healthy. She brings more than a decade of first-hand knowledge and experience in animal care, research and biosecurity protocols to the team.

“By enhancing a farm’s biosecurity protocols with Farm Health Guardian, farmers can easily monitor personnel and vehicle movement on their properties and within their barns,” says Nelson, explaining how the system works. “Our growing team will support customers, their families and employees as they use this contact tracing platform to monitor disease transmission, cost effectively manage disease threats and efficiently shut down outbreaks.”

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About Be Seen Be Safe Ltd.
Farm Health Guardian is a product of Be Seen Be Safe Ltd. Headquartered in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, Be Seen Be Safe Ltd. is an animal-health technology provider. Founded in 2013, the company strives to protect the health and sustainability of the livestock industry and those who work within it, through real-time disease monitoring and response-technology platforms.

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