Farm Health Guardian adds software developer to support expanding business

May 10, 2022 – Guelph, Ontario, Canada: Jeff Wrathall joins the Farm Health Guardian team as a senior software engineer to support the company’s growth. In his role, Wrathall is responsible for developing new software for the smart biosecurity system.

“The use of on-farm digital technology is expanding quickly, and Jeff’s extensive experience in software development means we can enhance our delivery of the latest innovations and smoothest user experience to our customers,” says Rob Hannam, CEO of Farm Health Guardian. “The recent outbreak of Avian Influenza in Ontario has emphasized the need to monitor biosecurity measures, record farm visitors and work together as an industry to reduce the risk of disease transmission. And we’re happy to be part of that digital biosecurity solution.”

Wrathall will support Farm Health Guardian clients and staff team by creating user-friendly software to enhance on-farm biosecurity. His experience with front and back-end technologies, combined with his ability to work with users means Wrathall can continually adapt the platform to meet the needs of Farm Health Guardian customers. “Every farm is different, and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to biosecurity, making our ability to customize our program and user experience to meet their needs as one of our strongest features,” says Hannam.

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