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Frequency matters in biosecurity

By Lorraine Stevenson-Hall, Biosecurity & Stakeholder Relations Lead Many biosecurity measures are accepted as common practice across all farms, such as designating restricted areas. However, evaluating farm and site-specific risks is necessary to target biosecurity actions that will have the most impact. When prioritizing biosecurity measures, it’s important to realize that disease transmission risk increases […]

Contact tracing the best intervention for controlling swine disease spread

Man with pigs

By Rob Hannam, Farm Health Guardian Quickly controlling disease spread is a key priority in the event of a suspected outbreak, especially for foreign animal diseases (FADs) that may lead to quarantining of farms and movement restrictions. When implementing any quarantine strategy, other important considerations include animal welfare, minimizing impact on the uninfected premises and […]

Poultry Biosecurity Now More Crucial Than Ever

By Tim Nelson, President and CEO Biosecurity has always been important for all poultry operations, but three recent international events underscore that it’s more crucial now than ever. These three events are the soon to be implemented European Union ban on the prophylactic use of antibiotics in farming, the detection of high pathogenic avian influenza […]

Financial Impact of PRRS

By Lorraine Stevenson-Hall, Biosecurity and Stakeholder Relations Lead Impact on Production Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) continues to be a concern, in particular in areas where the 1-4-4 variant has taken hold. This new variant appears to be more aggressive than previous ones. The main mode of transmission appears to be from pig to […]

Enhance Biosecurity with Contact Tracing

Understanding the risk of disease transmission through farm contacts By Rob Hannam, Director of Business Development Ongoing hog disease issues, and even the recent Covid-19 pandemic, continue to raise the awareness and understanding of the importance of biosecurity. Whether its on-farm practices like showering in and out of barns, restricting farm access to approved personnel […]