Protocol Controlled Entry Q&A for Employees and Visitors

Clear answers to your questions about Protocol® and the steps we’ve taken to protect your privacy. 

Q: How does Protocol® Controlled Entry technology work?

Protocol® Controlled Entry uses facial recognition to authenticate a person entering a barn and either allow or deny entry based on biosecurity requirements. The Protocol® devices use a 3-D camera to measure facial features such as eyes, mouth, nose, and chin to create a facial template that can be used to recognize that person each time they enter.

Q: Does Protocol® Controlled Entry keep a photo of each person who enters the barn?

No, the system does not take photos. The system creates a facial template of each person who enrolls and enters the barn, not a photo. The measurements of an individual’s facial features are saved as a series of data points from which it would be impossible to reconstruct a recognizable face if they were extracted from the database.

Q: How does Protocol® Controlled Entry know whether I meet the downtime requirements?

Protocol® checks which barns you have entered using facial recognition and/or properties you have entered according to the app (using geo-fencing), and then determines if access should be granted based on visit history, the downtime requirements and farm health status of that location.

Q: How do visitors enter the barn?

The barn manager sends a one-time enrollment code to visitors who have permission to enter the barn. Upon arrival at the barn, the user creates a profile using the Protocol® Controlled Entry device that can be used for any subsequent visits there and other barns they’re given access to in the future.

Q: Do I need to use the mobile app?

Users who visit barns or other sites in that production system should use the Protocol® mobile app to automatically and confidentially record all other farm properties visited so that biosecurity protocols are followed.

Q: Do I need to give consent?

Yes, by using the system, you are agreeing to create a facial template for the purposes of monitoring biosecurity. The full Terms of Use can be found at

Q: What will my data/information be used for?

Your personal data will only be used for the purposes of animal disease prevention and controlling biosecurity.

Q: Where/how will my data be stored?  Is my data safe?

Your data will be stored on servers hosted by Microsoft Azure in North America. Strong technical, administrative, and physical measures are used to ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal data and prevent it from being altered, damaged, or accessed by unauthorized third parties.

Q: How do I know my data will stay private?

Farm Health Guardian Ltd. (FHG) is fully compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) requirements, which are the highest privacy standards in the world.

The Protocol® device uses a 3-D camera to locate and measure facial features. The measurements are a series of data points that generate a map of the individual’s facial features. The measurements are saved as a set of data points from which it would be impossible to reconstruct a recognizable face outside of the FHG database. 

Q: What happens to my data if I change jobs?

Your personal data is deleted by Farm Health Guardian if you are not active on Protocol® for a period of 12 months, or upon your request. Your data is deleted by permanently deleting data and all electronic files.