Check Biosecurity Compliance

Available in Farm Health Protect

There are several ways you can use Farm Health Protect to validate compliance with your biosecurity protocols.

With either the Farm Health Guardian app or visitor logbook, visitors and employees can be asked ‘check-in’ questions to confirm they are meeting biosecurity requirements before entering a facility. Check in questions can be related to farm last visited, downtime between farm visits, purpose of visit, out of country travel, and more. If visitors or employees do not meet requirements, entry will be denied by the system. You can choose to easily override any denial to allow entry.

Plus, the Farm Health Guardian dashboard report shows users the farms visited and when, helping users and farm managers to check biosecurity compliance.

The system can also be used to verify truck washing. Trucks or trailers connected to Farm Health Protect with a GPS link or device will register a visit to company truck wash stations that are geofenced in the system. Time of entry and exit of the truck wash will be recorded.

Farm Health Guardian’s downtime planning feature is also a validation tool. Downtime planning gets very complex for large systems with multiple barns at different stages of production. Farm Health Guardian makes downtime planning and verification easy, updating automatically in real-time to ensure that personnel are meeting requirements before entry.

Check Biosecurity