Take Action and Stop the Spread of Foreign Animal Diseases with Farm Health Guardian

Farm Health Guardian can boost your biosecurity to prevent disease outbreaks.

Know who and what is on your farm

The basics of biosecurity start with cleaning and disinfecting everything that enters your farm property. Take your biosecurity and disease prevention to the next level by recording the movements of people and trucks on your farm operation to prevent unintended disease transmission.

Foreign animal diseases, including African Swine Fever, can be transmitted by the movement of animals, people and trucks.

Farm Health Guardian protects against disease transmission by:

Speed matters in an outbreak

A faster outbreak response will reduce disease transmission. And the faster you identify a disease and where it might have moved, the better chance you have to stop the spread.

Whether you are managing 4 farms or 400 farms, Farm Health Guardian can help you take action to prepare and protect your operation.

Farm Health Guardian is your partner in disease prevention and outbreak preparedness for livestock and poultry operations. We can boost your farm operation’s biosecurity to prepare for African Swine Fever with our proven, patented and cost effective system.

Stop the spread of disease

Manage the risk of African Swine Fever on your farm. Learn how with these Five Steps to Boost your Biosecurity.

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